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Default How to make...a birthday wish come true

Another update: Well the other guy noticed he won and we had to split the prize or should I say junk. I think I had my hopes up that I was getting some good gift cards but instead I was told that I get a Hat, a Cell Phone Case , 5 free dairy queen cones, a free wax service, a free hair cut, a Apron and a $10 gift card to Scrubs Direct." I'm a little curious what the other guy got seeing they keep saying lots of gift cards. "Tenant giftcard pack (lots of them) is the prize!" Their words. So go a head and Dislike the mall now that I won

Sorry if it sounds like I'm not grateful. I'm glad I won and got something but they got my hopes up that I might get to go shopping and that doesn't happen ever.

THANKS EVERYONE! I received an email this morning that there was someone else that picked the 19th too. He has till friday to contact them and if he does we split the prizes and if he doesn't I get them all! Fingers crossed he's on vacation.

I know this isn't the place to put this but I'm so close. A local mall is having a contest, whoever guesses the date they reach 2000 fans gets a bunch of gift cards. I picked my birthday(TODAY) back in July just for fun and now I only need 32 more people to like their page today. I was wondering if you ladies could help me out and get me the coolest present ever by liking the Maplewood Mall on facebook.!/MaplewoodMall

Thanks a ton!

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