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Default Re: How to cover metal/skinny headbands

Originally Posted by momof3girls123 View Post
Just add embellishments if they are the metal ones. And you can always spray paint the metal ones but be sure to put a top sealant on them. And for plastic or acrylic you can always wrap with 3/8 or smaller ribbon and then embellish. My best headband sellers are my Hackle and Nagorie feather headbands. I just take a thin metal headband and use E6000 to glue the feather pad down. I then glue a strip of 5/8 or 3/8 ribbon over the glued part. If I want to dress it up, I'll add a rhinestone, small flower, beads, bows, or I just sell it with the pad. I'm closing a buy for the hackle pads tomorrow but the fill list will be up until all colors reach dozens.
would u mind putting a pic up of ur feather headbands? i'm new to this and have never worked with feathers...sounds neat and pretty but i have no clue how to "picture it" in my head. thanks in advance!!!
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