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Default Re: Cheer bow help!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by bstimpert View Post
If you have the general idea and techniques down of cheer bows, this is just going to take time and experimentation to get the "wave" right. There is no tutorial and unless you make your own template there's not one of those either. I have heard of people using the scalloped template that's available with the rotary tools but I believe it doesn't have a wide enough wave to create this look.

I recommend taking your ribbon, use fabric pens and draw the wave, fold the bow and see if it looks right, if not try again. Once you get the right wave, you'll need to copy it onto your heat and bond, cut, iron fold.

Once you establish the right wave to the right length of ribbon for the specific bow you're making it'll be easier.

Thank you I had not thought of drawing it out on ribbon first, sometimes not sure where my brain is. just like other things just need a second set of eyes to find the problem.
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