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Default Re: People copying my images.....

Does the programs that work on tracking when photos are taken work on FB as well? This has been a ongoing issue for my FB page. Due to the restrictions of FB and privacy you can't track IPs and other things. I actually can track IP now because of some tweaking someone did for me. I was involved in a picture party thing that a local photograher asked me to do. It became so stressful I stopped doing it. The moms that were involved in most of the stuff were trying to get their kids in the business and most of the shots were for their portfolios. I think the deal was that the photographer gave them a pic for social networking but they could purchase client stuff if they wanted it. What was happening was they were taking them from my site when i would put them up. Hard because I have to show the product and can't cover it with a huge watermark. I just got fed up really.
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