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Default Re: Fast and easy resizing and watermarking

THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! This helped tremendously!
Originally Posted by PuraVidaPix View Post
It's easy, I've been using it for years. Select the "batch convert" tab select your folder pand add it. On the right under your added files select what you want to name them make sure to put ### after the name so that it will sequence number them. It won't work otherwise. Then select a destination folder. If you do not change the destination folder and you don't change the file name it will over write your original files. To add watermark: go to "advanced" and click on the watermark tab. I use png files with transparent backgrounds. Otherwise you'll get a white block around your logo. Select the opacity and click the preview button below the box showing your image to see how it looks. You can resize from this window as well or simply add text by selecting those tabs at the top. If the tab has a colored dot on it, it means the action will be processed.

Hope that helps. If you need more help I'm happy to help. I know the program inside and out LOL
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