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Default Re: Light Box Experts

Originally Posted by ks_fl View Post
I bought this style of light bulb off of ebay:

I still need a better solution for the lamp part, I bought a couple of clamp lights at Walmart, (HD and lowes have them too) for $8-10. But not sure if I like the clamp part - still working on that, I can't seem to get them positioned just right.
This is why I asked about making your own, after you pay $8-10 for each light, wouldn't it just be cheaper to buy one of the portible light boxes off E-Bay?

Those of you who have those light boxes, when it comes to replacing the bulbs in their lights, are they easy enough to find at your local stores, and how do you know which bulb is the best for the light box?

Thanks to everyone for answering these questions and posting here,
it's very helpful.

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