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Default A really big question about bottle caps and epoxy

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bottle Caps!
originally, I was making them with a sticker maker, sticking them to the bottle caps, then putting epoxy dots over the top,
well i thought this worked,
HOWEVER the first time my baby got hers wet, water leaked into the image and ruined it! (I was also using regular printer paper might i add)
Well I have switched it up, and started printing my images on photo paper

So my question now is,
I have all this stuff laying around my house,
mod podge, the matte and glossy stuff,
I LOVE the way the epoxy sticker dome looks on the bottle cap,
it looks very professional and "finished"
well I also have this stuff called "epoxy resin glue"
its a 2 tube system, so my QUESTION IS
how can i seal my image, to make it water proof? and is there a way to get that professional dome look with this epoxy glue?

Thanks so much

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