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Default Re: Postal scale and shipping

yes, get yourself a postal scale! I got mine at Target for about $30ish. Package up one of your bows and weigh it. Then check on the USPS website for shipping costs. When you sell through Paypal you can actually purchase your shipping label through them and it is a bit cheaper, at least delivery confirmation is cheaper, only something like $.19 instead of $.75 or whatever it is at the PO.

Get your boxes at in bulk if you think you are going to be shipping a lot. It's a lot cheaper, even when you figure in shipping. But if you are just starting, you can probably find boxes at Walmart or an office store. Dont' forget to figure in your packaging costs into either your item price or shipping price. I put mine in my shipping price because I have some people who pick it up and then I don't need the box and tape and stuff.

Hope that helps!

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