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Default Re: People copying my images.....

Originally Posted by BowMamaof4 View Post
It's called Zenfolio. You pay a small fee each month to use it, but you upload the proofs directly to your Zenfolio account ( and YOU set the prices. An 8x10 from them is 1.99 (your cost) but you set the parameters, so that your customer sees 29.99 for example. Mpix is a professional lab, so the quality is excellent. They also put a typewritten "signature" of sorts on the back of each photo. For example, the copyright logo and your photography name. The Zenfolio site DOES NOT link the customer to Mpix so they won't be asking you why the markup is so high. BUT if they DO, just tell them that their sitting fee paid for your professional time and talent, and the print fees are paying for the time you spend editing, uploading, and proofing for them.

Let me know if you have any other questions. For the record, I don't use Zenfolio. I thought about it, and decided to go the route of my own website.
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