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Default Re: I Have Accepted my Limitations...

I'm going to try to put a pic of my daughter with the one she wore. It was SO simple. The dress and all accessories belong to a "friend-in-law" (sister of our hair dresser.) Our hairdresser did dd's hair and make-up and provided any and all sort of guidance; as this was our first pageant (hopefully the ONLY one. It was the school pageant.) There was a "fancier" bow, that had more white, that I preferred; but dd and hairdresser preferred this one. The hairdresser is a pageant mom and works some pageants... so I went with it. DD got 1st runner-up... as a kindergartener in her first pageant. I was SO excited... she was FURIOUS!!! I'll see if I can post a pic... I haven't ever before, so forgive me if the size is wrong! Some are views of the bow, some are for the humor of the GLARE!!! It was ALL OVER when that crown came out! lol

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