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I noticed that oh goodness I just want to cry like a big baby! lol

I asked in the help forum as to why and was given answers like I need to post in the services section & also got this one:

"Also the fact is you are making money off
of the licensed Texas A&M Ribbon, while holding NO license to use their ribbon to make money with.

This is a huge no-no. You must have their permission to use their logo in a retail type of situation."

I know this is a touchy subject but I thought I was protected by the first sale doctrine? I specifically stated that it was a hair bow made from the licensed ribbon, not that it was an A&M bow, I got the info from taberone website. grrrr, i think i'll just leave well enough alone. now I'm stuck with all this A&M & UT ribbon =/ blahh

yea i've never had a problem with posting my services there before so idk. I know people flag as revenge which i think is so disrespectful & a waste of time but oh well, what goes around comes around i guess.

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