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Default Excess Resin around Bottle Caps?

Hi All
I made my first bottle caps last night and I am soooooo excited, they are clear as day and no bubbles! I used the envirotex light from Michaels and it was easy peesy! I was procrastinating it forever even though I had all the materials because I was worried it would be a huge messy project buy I made 20 in 10 minutes or so. My only problem is I put the caps ontop of a cutting board covered in wax paper (so I wouldnt destroy the cutting board and could move them everywhere if they got in the way) I think it was on here that I read about the idea but I searched and couldnt find the thread so if it was yours it was great! no mess

The thing is I poured the resin onto the caps spread it out, and now the resin dripped down off the sides its soft enough that I can just cut the excess off with scissors but is this normal? Am I using to much resin? The caps have circles of resin all the way around them.... once I cut it off it looks ok but i've never heard of this happening and I read a ton of TUT's.
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