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Default Re: I am very very sad THREEBLESSINGSBOWTIQUE AT GMAIL DOT COM you can reach me

Sorry--I don't want you to think I'm directing anything at you. Like I said, I think it's really sweet the way everyone is on here trying to update everyone else and collect info and email it to her. I just don't understand the drama from her end. I just hope she does the right thing and gets everything sent out and completed (or just refunded). I assume everyone is over the 45 days with paypal at this point (although you still can do a chargeback on your credit card if you've funded paypal with cc)
Anyways, good luck to everyone.

Originally Posted by sweetietie View Post
Totally get that until you have your things in hand, you don't give a hoot. Still, just thought I'd let everyone know that I received my items today. I emailed her, got a response, received a tracking number and got my items a few days later.
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