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Default Re: Accused of copying and undercutting... (you'll laugh)

Originally Posted by momof5 View Post
So funny. Once I started bows EVERYONE started doing bows around here. I live in a small town of 3000, now there are 4 of us bow gals. There is nothing to get mad about, just some good competition. My bows usually speak for themselves. LOL
I completely agree... I did a very small local 4th of July show at our ball field and now there is 2 other women starting a bow business... I'm doing a show in Oct and there is 5 other bow vendors there my husband told me not to bother I told him they were great competition and that my hair bows spoke for themselves I've seen all these bow ladies work and they are quite boring... in this area people want over the top bows these days not a basic.
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