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Default Re: How do you price when the customer provides ribbon?

If they are going with a multi-layered bow and you have to supply the heat n bond, hair tie, glue, etc. I would charge $3.00 for the labor of the bow and at least an additional $1.00. If you are making a bow with sequins and you have to do that work as well, I would charge no less than $5.00 for the labor and supplies.

A straight one-layered bow and they are furnishing all the supplies including hair ties, I would charge just $3.00 per bow. Just my opinion. I would be interested in what other say. I have never been asked to do an order like that.

Originally Posted by elemenopiedesigns View Post
I have a cheer squad who is interested in me making bows for them. The sponsor wants to know what I would charge per bow if THEY provide the ribbon. Anyone have experience handing anything like that? I haven't had anyone ask that yet --- I've always just bought the ribbon.

Any help would be appreciate! I want to take this job because I need the advertisement, too, but I don't want to overcharge them OR undersell myself!
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