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Default Accused of copying and undercutting... (you'll laugh)

I put my boutique on Facebook...not 10 mins later got a message from an aquaintence (someone I met 15 yrs ago, and only see once every 6-7 yrs if that)...she wanted to know if I have been snooping her facebook (she was not a 'friend' and her last name has changed since she got married, whenever that was) cause she has been planning on opening a 'bowtique' and I stole her idea, lol! And she accused me of undercutting prices because she is charging $10+ for a bow and I charge $5-6...

It is kind of funny, we live an hour apart, I have not seen her in years, she lives in a huge city and there are already several bow makers and I can see she bows her supplies at Micheals (hence the higher prices)...

I just sent back a polite note that I have not heard of her in the past few years, congrats on her upcoming bow business (which she has not even unveiled yet) and left it at that.

The bow trend is just starting to hit our area so I am sure everyone is vying to be the 'first' and those who have not done their research would realize there are more sellars then they think.

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