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Default Re: I am very very sad THREEBLESSINGSBOWTIQUE AT GMAIL DOT COM you can reach me

This is getting a little silly...
I think it's sweet that some people are offering to collect all the information for Allison and email/liase with her......but this is really rediculous.
I'm not in Allison's buys right now because I saw all of her posts leading up to a huge rash of buys and wholesale offerings complaining of illness--hers and her kids etc and I opted out because it looked like a train wreck---and it was all on the heels of the last time she threatened to "leave the board for good".
I think Allison's a great girl but if you're speaking with her just tell her to get on here and finish up the loose ends *on here* before she leaves. If she's emailing, she can type on a thread.... If she's selling on facebook and etsy (and obviously completing her orders if her rating is still 100%) then she should have already completed her wholesale orders that are still lingering.
It took a long time for her to build respect on the forum and it's a shame to throw that away.
I receive my updates on threads through my email--I'll assume Allison is the same and has been reading this.
Although it's obvious that you feel like you're being attacked Allison, people have actually been very patient with you due to your condition.
What people don't like is to have to track someone down in order to receive updates on things that they have paid for in good faith. If you contact them and let them know where things stand, how far you are on the order, when you think realistically you can ship things etc...then they will feel better about the situation. When they have to contact *you* it makes you appear as though you are dodging them and you look dishonest instead of receiving their pity.
If you want to make things right (or at least appear as though you are trying to do the right thing) you need to
1) contact everyone and let them know where things stand.
2) ship out everything-get organized (pay a responsible teen in the neighborhood to help if you need to)
3) refund if you can't follow through
4) place your etsy/facebook sites "on vacation" until you finish your other orders and group buys--it makes you look like a crook to fill other orders while these girls wait (if you're sick're sick--everyone understands but don't give priority to new stuff...c'mon!)
5) Instead of thinking "I'm sick, why are they picking on me" think "wow..they've been waiting a long time and they haven't filed fraud charges" what a great group of gals....If you need help get a girlfriend or pay a teenager to help get the boxes out/get organized etc.... and if you can't physically *make* the orders--please just send what is done and refund their money for the rest...something.
Remember..things could always be alot worse and there's always someone with bigger problems than you.
Hope you feel better soon. I think you'll feel alot better if you get this taken care of. You're wasting alot of energy probably stressing about this (and it would be put to better use healing your body).
Good luck to everyone.
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