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Default Re: Singed flower help

Originally Posted by SnLMommy View Post
I actually think the cheap stuff works better for whatever reason. I have done some w satin (not sure the type), and it is hard to work with. My edges usually turn out more flat than ruffled, but I use a spoon upside down to make it keep the shape as it singes.

Your lavender and pink ones turned out so pretty!
I think I will go back to the cheap stuff, just wish they had more colors at
Wal-mart. I'm able to crank then out faster with the cheap stuff, I made some Satin that look a tiny bit better this weekend but they still take me about 30 minutes to do one. Thank you for the compliments, I ask my family what they think and they just look at me funny. My daughter is so sweet, she tells me everything I make is pretty so I'm not sure if she's just being nice or it really looks good.
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