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Wink Re: Tips for BEST Botique bow results!!

Originally Posted by Spotts71 View Post
Here a bump for you. I'm struggling also. Just when I think I have it down, my head gets in the way of my hands and it gets all messed up! So any would be great. Thanks
I know this is MY question but I have gotten tons of help from ladies here so I thought I would pass some on to you!

I just started making bows in June, so I am STILL new to making them and I am still learning a TON... but I will share some advice that I found has helped me SO much. First off... templates! LoL I refused to buy any bc I want to take all the credit for making my bows lol but I figured HEY if I make my own template then that IS all me haha. So I have made tons of them for my own use. There are plenty of videos on you tube and tuts you can find on here for different style tuts if you use the search option. Second, the big Gator Bite or whatever its called. The clip that is used to hold the bow in the middle while you shape. For the longest time I didnt have one and whem I finally found one there were GREAT improvements in my outcome! Third, and last.... tying vs. sewing bow centers. I know everyone says its whatever you prefer, and I always sewed at first bc I thought that it just HAD to make the bow stronger than tying would. But recently i started to tie instead and I MUCH MUCH MUCH prefer to look over what I had before.

Hope something I have said here can help! If I come across those tuts or videos I will come back and repost for you!
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