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Talking Re: Singed flower help

The purple I got from Wal-mart of all places and I know you guys won't believe me but the solid is Sateen and the sheer is some type of Nylon that matched. Both are not supposed to be used, but I bought it when I couldn't remember which fabrics I was supposed to get. It works awesomely (so far). I've also used Organza and didn't have a problem either. I thought I would try Satin because the tut said it had good shape and I wanted something with a little more shine. Oh my goodness was it way more expensive. I also got more Nylon fabric at Joanns that has a beautiful shimmer and since I had good results with my Wal-mart Nylon fabric, but the Joanns fabric melts very easily so I have to be really careful.

Maybe I need to try to hold the material closer to the flame and not so much over the flame. The satin gets soooo hot and it takes quite a bit of heat to get it to do anything.

Thanks for the advice everyone!

Originally Posted by brezzamagoo View Post
What did you use in the first pictures because those purple ones are gorgeous!?! I usually find I have problems more with the organza going into holes.

What I do with the satin is usually go around the edge to begin with and melt it all and it will curl up slightly. Then I go around again picking bits and pieces to singe somemore. How far away from the flame are you? I find the closer to the flame I hold the material the more control I have, if I hold it up higher then the material will kinda melt and shape really quickly...
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