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Default Re: Heavens Designs if you are on here I'm calling you out!!!!

Originally Posted by MrsFerrel8 View Post
this one is clearly not the same tutu in the 3 pictures, what are people thinking?!?!?! I feel so bad for whoever bought anything, who knows what they actually received!
LOL!!! Right, that is SO three different tutus!!!

I had made some free clippie instructions for girly things site when I FIRST started making bows, and these pics were taken on my glue stained keyboard, lol, and someone used those for their eBay listings. At that time, I was using my daughter for a model on my bows, and had those on eBay, and the SAME seller was using those pics for her listings and listing custom bows and those as her "previous" designs. My name was ON the pictures, and she said she changed her name, which I was still selling UNDER that name LOL It was a big ordeal and when I told her stealing pics of my product was one thing (over multiple times in months span) but stealing them with my daughter in them was beyond wrong!!!! She just told me that there was nothing I could do because pictures aren't copyright protected. eBay did shut her down, but still, makes it REALLY creepy knowing this!!!
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