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Default Re: Heavens Designs if you are on here I'm calling you out!!!!

It is disturbing to have someone take pics of another child, without permission, and putting that pic on their site...UCK! i would be disturbed!!

people need to give their head a shake becuse someday they will cross the wrong person and they will come after them legally and make an example out of them!!

There is a lady who posts on facebook a bunch of pictures from etsy that are not her a long winded paragrah on one of the pages she says that some of the pics are not her work but examples of what she can do...I had to laugh because some are some NICE twisted boutique bows with spikes done to it took me hours to get ONE twisted boutique bow to look do loops and spikes? I am still not there yet..I can just imagine the disapointment when someone orders her stuff...

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