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Default Re: yay for large orders!!

Originally Posted by *Tu-Tu* Cute Hair Bows View Post
large orders always make me nervous, i don't think i overcharge for my bows but when you get about 10 of them together it really adds up especially if they order all over the top bows! but i just keep telling myself they knew the price when ordering they knew the price when ordering ..........

it hasn't gotten easier for me but maybe it will for you lol

thats exactly how I feel! But i guess you ladies are right, she knew more or less what my prices were & if she would have had a prob with the total she wouldnt have ordered so many at once

Wow I cant wait to get over $100 in orders! lol gota love a big order huh!

I had an order for 17 bows recently (which she provided ribbon so I gave them 25% off) but when the customer came to pick them up she started looking at all the other bows & was like ooh is this one for sale? Oh oh I want this one too, oh hey she has an outfit that will match this one. lol So yea that is right moms will pay whatever when it comes to their kiddos.

I'm so blessed to be a part of this forum, it's such a great support group!
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