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Default Re: I am very very sad THREEBLESSINGSBOWTIQUE AT GMAIL DOT COM you can reach me

Originally Posted by blondie View Post
what I mean is that the last few poster have appeared miffed about her supposedly starting up a forum for tuts recently while stating she has health issues that have caused problems with group buys and therefore she isn't coming back here. All the while plotting some tut forum of her own. But I see nothing that points to that since April was the post on tuts on her blog. I don't know her at all don't get me wrong--I'm just saying from my POV since nothing has been done with it since April, chances are her issues are legit and not the sham that's been implied.

Unless I'm really missing something

BUT I still think she needs to get you girls your items like yesterday, that's NOT COOL in my book

I cant find the blog information etc. on the website ? maybe it was in her profile at one time ?
Her etsy link is on her website. When you click on etsy items you will see the date they are stocked.. and if you click on sales, you will see she has had sales as recently as the 8th of this month. Which her feedback is still 100% so I m assuming she HAS shipped those. (some digital)

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