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Default Re: Professional pictures

I waited a year once LOL. She sent me 3 pics and my box came back 11.5 months later!
My regular photographer mom takes roughly 4 weeks to finish up a box and emails me with updates. Some of my favorite girls can get the whole job done in a week or two with no problems at all, while others may take months.

It can be tough when you start but I hope that won't ruin the experience for you. There are lots of ladies out there who do a fab job and they're just waiting to be found!

Try emailing her if you don't like the results and let her know that you can just take products back if she's low on time maybe.

I once waited weeks and got a funny feeling about the sessions.when i recieived the photos you could tell the model,age 5, was really unhappy.that could be the problem. and maybe she's desperately waiting also!

these are wonderful photos,though! i don't think she looks sad.nicely done
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