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Default Re: Hmmm, which wing for my Owl Ribbon Sculpture

First of all.... that is the BEST ribbon sculpture of a Owl I have ever seen. I've found about 10 different versions of owl sculptures b/c my friend has a daughter who attends a elementary school and their mascot is a Owl. I've Googled my fingers off looking for them. Your Owl is SUPER CUTE!

I'm of the opinion that the solid wings are best on your design. BUT I think that the ribbon sculpture looks great with a splash of color. Our local Owls down here in the South have spotted breast feathers. Do you have a CREAM COLORED ribbon (like the current one that you are using for the breast-plate) with some brown dots?? Maybe try that? It's just a thought... but if you do try it, I'd LOVE to see what it looks like!

Thanks for posting this... and again... great job!
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