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Originally Posted by sweetsouthernbowtique View Post
I got some when I first started making bottle caps, and I HATED it. It would never fully cure on my caps, always stayed tacky even weeks later. I found some Mod Podge 3-Dimensional at Hobby Lobby by the polymer clay, and that worked really good, then Hobby Lobby sells one in the scrapbook section called Glossy accents, which I think they also sell at Michaels. I also love the 3-D crystal lacquer, although it is runnier than the previous two mentioned, so I need to remember not to over squeeze lol. And I also love the Judi Kins diamond glaze. I tried ET Lite, and it is just way too time consuming. And the great thing about the above glazes, if you get it on your hands, it washes off SO easy with just a little warm water!
Does the diamond glaze make them look 3-d or give them the dome like look? I am using the resin drops right now and they are great but not as hard as I would like, so I was wondering about some other things to try that are little less expensive than et lite. Thanks for all the info.
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