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Default Re: Professional pictures

Thats a long time to have to wait.. did she give you reasoning?

Im a photographer and do product imgaes as well.. if its going to take longer than 2-3 weeks.. I always let you know... My regular client turn around is 2-3 weeks so I couldnt see product shots taking that long..
(unless lets say you are waiting on a newborn or something but again I would have communicated that)

Originally Posted by murolyushka View Post
Thank you all. She does a great job. But unfortunately she is very slow. I asked her to put her logo on the pictures so I could use online, and its been over a week , I am yet to get them. Not mentioning that it took her almost 2 months to take pictures. I will have to find someone else. And I send her a full box of hair accessories and she only did 3?
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