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Originally Posted by mistymr View Post
Here's what I use to make my bottlecaps-
Bottlecaps- I buy from destashes or group buys, if you don't want to wait that long look for some on etsy or ebay, also good if you don't want to buy a lot til you know you like to do them
I print the images off at walmart- 19 cents a sheet, plus tax
I bought the template for the images for $5 and make my own images, but I started with ones out of the free cycle section- gotta love HG
Then I punch them out with a one inch hole punch from the scrapbook section, not sure how much it cost cause I borrowed mine from a friend. If I had to guess I'd say about $10 unless it's on sale or you have a coupon
Them I glue them to the bottlecap with Modge Podge- I think about $4 or $5 without sale or coupon
Them I put EX Lite over the image (after the glue dries of course) which is $10.99 for the small box at Hobby Lobby, but I always use my coupon and I get like 600 hundreds of caps out of the one small thing, probably more but I haven't really counted.
Extra things you may need would be a measure cup for the resin ( I think you can get them from Sally Beauty for 99 cents each, you might want one for measuring the resin and another one for measuring the hardner). I use syringes from a friend who is a nurse. Also I use glitter Modge Podge on some of my girly images- I got mine on clearance for $2.50. You'll need little containers for mixing the resin in, I use little plastic togo cups from my job in a restaurant. Popcycle sticks for mixing. I use the really cheap kids paint brushes to put my Modge Pogde on with when I glue the images. I also put wax paper or newspaper down over my work area and you'll want a box to cover them until the resin cures enough so you don't get dust or hair in them. Oh yeah, I also have a lighter to pop bubbles in the resin. If I think of anything else I'll add it. I hope this helps
That is the most detailed answer I have seen. THANKS!!! YOU ROCK!!!!
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