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Default Re: My New Fabric Flowers Tut Intrest?

I think if your family needs the money like you say who care if they have one post or 10,000 money is money in my book. P.S. I love your flower and would to buy it too. I think a lot of people would buy it. Have fun looking forward to seeing your tut.
Originally Posted by mckenjs View Post
Also, I had a question, hopefully no one takes it the wrong way.

Would it be wrong to only offer a discount to HG members who have been actively participating on the forum? (like at least 100 posts or whatever).

There's been a lot of talk about "newbies" (which I guess I technically am too) jumping on the forum just to ask for supplier info and try to sell stuff...especially with the facebook page and everything...

Any thoughts on that? I just don't want to ostracize people... but I would want to offer the discount as a way to give back to the ladies that have helped me with advice and feedback.
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