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Default Re: How do you color your bottle caps?

Originally Posted by JenniferM View Post
Thanks, I ended up finding a 1 inch hole punch at Michaels for $5....that lady i talked to didn't know what she was talking about in there lol.

However, I just got my bottle caps and I bought some acrylic paint and painted 2 caps and it just doesn't look pretty. Am I going to need to put like 10 coats on it? I used white and I put 3 coats on it so far. Am I doing it wrong?

Does Mod podge work as well as the ET lite?
The one at micheals for paper? I am told they work for a few and then not so well. The one i got is for metal sheets and is beveled plus comes with extra punch so when the one wears out.
I spray paint mine never handpainted them.
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