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Default Re: My New Fabric Flowers Tut Intrest?

Originally Posted by mckenjs View Post
Also, I had a question, hopefully no one takes it the wrong way.

Would it be wrong to only offer a discount to HG members who have been actively participating on the forum? (like at least 100 posts or whatever).

There's been a lot of talk about "newbies" (which I guess I technically am too) jumping on the forum just to ask for supplier info and try to sell stuff...especially with the facebook page and everything...

Any thoughts on that? I just don't want to ostracize people... but I would want to offer the discount as a way to give back to the ladies that have helped me with advice and feedback.
What is a newbie anyway? Just 100 posts? Or under 100 posts and doing a me! I just take people at face value, I guess. On the other side, there are posts about "seniors" doing buys and not following through on them. I figure if there's a problem, the owner will set the rules.

I personally don't read every post here, don't answer every post, wouldn't touch Facebook with a 10ft pole, but add what I can in the posts I do read, if I can answer a question, provided it's not an old post by the time I get around to it. I don't spend hours on the computer, got other things to do.

If you do put it in the private room, it's not hard for a "newbie" to get there anyway. People just put "marking" in lots of posts and keep asking "how many are in a gross"......easy peasy!

Just do what you're comfortable with and don't worry about any drama...we're all gonna be the brunt of it at one time or another...
quack, quack is my motto........Going back to my corner now.....

PS: Forgot to add...............your flowers are adorable, I'm up for a tut!!!!!!!

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