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Default Re: Getting started on bottle caps

Different people do them different ways. I print my images using the best quality photo paper because I have found that the cheaper paper causes the image to bleed when I apply my resin.

I buy flattened bottle caps. I boil the caps to loosen the seal on the inside and remove the seals.

I use a nail and hammer to make my holes in my caps.

I glue the image to my bottle cap using a regular glue stick.

I don't seal my image with anything before I apply the resin.

I use ET Lite applied to the top of the image. As long as I use premium photo paper, I don't have any problem with the image bleeding.

After drying, I add a split ring (the ones that look like small key chain rings) to the cap and hang it on a necklace.

Some people don't flatten their caps and have diffent tools that they use to create their caps, this is just the way I do it

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