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Default Re: For those of you that make Bottlecaps...Suggestion...

To those of you that have received these "melted" together bottlecaps, do you have any idea what kind of resin the person who made them is using? When I first started making bottlecaps I tried many different types of glazes/resins and I had no luck with any of them. No matter how long I let them dry it never seemed to get hard enough. I would let them sit for days and you could still get a finger imprint smudge or whatever. Very frustrating! Then I finally found the ET lite that I had heard everyone talking about. The resin dries to a very clear shiny hard surface and it should not melt or stick or do any of those things you all are describing. It's definitely a lot trickier to work with than some of the other resins, but I think it's definitely worth it! The caps turn out so much better! The shine lasts forever. And I have never had a problem with them sticking together (as long as you let them dry thoroughly!) I would just suggest next time when ordering caps find out what they are using to seal them
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