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Default For those of you that make Bottlecaps...Suggestion...

Hey gals, I just want to give a suggestion to those of you that make and sell bottlecaps. I know this might take extra time AND extra money, but I know your customers would appreciate it so much. Could you please put each cap in a separate baggie? Or somehow keep the image parts from touching each other?? I've ordered caps from several bottlecap makers on here and twice when I received the package there were caps with images stuck to each other...When I pulled them apart, either the images ripped or the sealant pealed off, making them unsale-able...Maybe it's because it's been so HOT lately, I dunno...But I ended up having to throw away several of the caps I was so excited to receive... XOXO Amy

***All proceeds from sales go towards medical costs for "Angel" Audrey***
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