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Default Re: Tutu Suggestions! Helppppp!

Originally Posted by Carlee-Ann1622 View Post
i just made one for my dd today she just turned 5 and is VERY tiny. She has a 19" waist. She can wear about a 2T around her waist. She is longer than a 2 but she is short for her age. Put it this way she is in the 3rd percential for weight and height at the dr. I will post a pic so you can see. I cut the waist at 15.5-16 inches and ended up taking another inch or so off at the end. I cut the strips of tulle 26 inches to make it 12ish. HTH

Okay, that helped a lot. (maybe I was wrong about the kids age, idk I've only seen the kid like... twice? lol) But I think I'm gonna trust her waist measurement and make my elastic 19in. But I think I'm gonna make the skirt a little longer, cause I'm so scared its gonna be too short. So I think I'm gonna cut the tulle like 20-22in.

I'm a hairdresser, so I'm always thinking like one. I can always cut more off, but it is a whole new ballgame to add more to it!
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