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Question Tutu Suggestions! Helppppp!

Okay, I've only been in the biz since March, so I'm still pretty new at this...

This is the first tutu I've made specifically for someone. (it's actually my cousin's daughter!) Anyway, on to the point.

I asked her to measure her around her waist and from her waist down to where she wants it to hit on her leg, seeing as it is for ballet and I wanted to make sure it covered everything appropriately!

Her measurements were 20in on the waist about about 7-8in long. So, my question is, how long do I cut the tulle to make sure it is long enough? I knot my tutus, and I know that that makes it a bit shorter and if I make it full, it isn't going to lay straight down, so cutting 14in tulle isn't going to give me 7in down her leg!

So what do you guys think???

Sorry.... I'm long winded! haha
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