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Default Re: Have You ever???

Originally Posted by lulafairy View Post
You can think most do not notice but they do and more over the people who can make them with a patter are less likely to buy from you and will buy the pattern.
I agree, because I had a table set up last weekend, and heard a lot of "well this cant be that hard to make" and where did you learn to do this?" I even had one lady ask me to teach her to do it. I have not been doing this as long as a lot of HGs on here but I have put A LOT of time and money into learning. And gone through a lot of trail and error. I do this for fun and to make a little money. My prices are very reasonable and if they want to know how they need to put in the leg work to learn. That is what is going to give you your edge in the business anyway.
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