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Default Re: If you have little ones, unplug your wood burner!!!

Originally Posted by brynneybelle View Post
I have my work table (one of those 6 ft, thick white plastic tables) set up in the basement. When I'm not working, I always turn off the wood burner, and unplug the hot glue gun. I never let my two youngest children (3 and almost 2) be down in the basement unless I am down there too. Well, this evening I had a terrible headache, and laid down to take a nap, leaving DH in charge of dinner. He let our little girl (the almost 2 year old) go down to the basement to play while he was in the kitchen. She climbed up to the table, and figured out how to turn on the wood burner! She apparently then dropped it on the table, and it burned a hole right through that thick plastic table---all the way through! I don't know how in the world she didn't burn herself, but thank GOD she didn't!!! Anyhow, DH and I both learned a lesson. I will make sure I also unplug the wood burner, and he won't ever let her play in the basement alone again!

Oh YIKES! I am glad she is OK! I always completely unplug and put my woodburner up high when not in use. It just gets too hot I don't want to take a chance of it being plugged back in....
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