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Default Re: how to make his style

Originally Posted by GingerandHoney View Post
I'll explain best I can.
1. Sew 5 - 7/8" (5.5" in length) spikes (not really spikes...more like ribbon cuts) together.

2. Make a twisted boutique (you can also use 2 color twisted) with 1.5" ribbon 25" in length. Attach the spikes to the twisted boutique bow.

3. Cut a small piece of marabou and glue it to the center.

4. Cut the 6-7 pieces of 4" length ribbon. For each piece, glue the ends together, but not right on top of each other. You'll need to twist it a a half of a figure 8, but not completely.

5. Glue each piece in random spots onto the twisted boutique bow around the marabou. I put some extra glue on the loops to secure it a bit more and make it look more uniform. Glue in 3 pieces of

There is really no way to explain how to do the center (the funky part) but to just glue the pieces in. I tried to figure out how to sew it, but I couldn't position the loops like I wanted. Glue I guess it will work.

I hope this makes sense. I'm awful at explaining myself.
You're the best! I could follow your instructions just fine-can't wait to get home to try it ---thanks again!!!
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