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Default Re: What am I doing wrong?

I like the pink FooFa bow, really cute and the princess crown bow, luv it.
Are your sales low? Is that why you ask?

I personally don't care for Satin ribbon unless it's a basic bow (no stacking or anything) and for a dress up occasion. Maybe working more with grograin ribbon when doing stacked bows with korkers and stuff.

Also, I think you need to work a little more on the shape of your bows. For example the Hello Kitty Fashion Is An Attitude bow, it's cute ribbon and cute button but it's just two bows crossing each other in an X, nothing much going on and it looks a little odd with the korkers behind it. I like the korkers with the ribbon but your korkers are a bit all over the place placed unevenly on the bow, for example your Tinkerbell bow, they look a bit sloppy and the there's nothing in the middle so it looks like it's missing something. You also need a little more work on the spikes some are uneven and some look to long, like your pumpkin bow, I think it would look really cute with shorter spikes.

Anyway, that's just my opinion. I don't mean to sound like I'm stomping on you, please don't take it like that. I admire that are open for honest opinions and want constructive criticism, that shows that you take pride in your work and looking for ways to improve. Good for you.
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