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Default needsomeone who can make homepage collages

I'm searching for a collage maker

I am still up in the air about which site template I will purchase for my new store but I have an idea. I will probably have some graphics and a few really nice photos to use.

I would like to add a large collage to my homepage with around 9 photos.
Here's the tough part..
I would like the links in font over the pictures. In some it would be a few over the individual pic!

So, for example, I could have a photo of a toddler modeling a headband BUT there would be words on the picture. The WORDS would be the links, not the whole photo. Links would say "elastic Bands", "Bitsy Bands",etc. and the links would go to seperate catagories.

I don't know much about collages or creation.Not sure if this entales breaking up a larger pic and adding to more than one cell, or if it's a sort of overlay.

If you have any experience or interest let me know!! My former graphics gal is no longer workng on sites.

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