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Default Re: Flower Clip question

Originally Posted by Jayla View Post
I've seen gerbera (& other) flower clips made a few different ways & I was wondering which way do most of you make yours?

1. I have seen them with just the clip applied/glued to the back,

2. I have seen them with the clip attached/glued to the green plastic support piece on the back

3. & then recently I have seen people use felt circles over the back piece of the flower & then attch/glue the clip to the felt circle.

I was just attaching my clip directly to the backside of the flower, but I found this would make the flower limp sometimes. So then I started keeping the green plastic support piece attached, but then I thought it looked funny.

I would appreciate any advice on this! Thanks
I would go with your #1. I think the green plastic back looks a bit silly.
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