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Default Re: Hoping someone can help me out with what I'm doing wrong

Originally Posted by Spitfireshortie View Post
Ok...don't think that I'm bashing your bows cuz you have alot of great stuff in there!!
But on some of your bows your spikes are a little long...long spikes can lead to folded ribbon and kinks that may not ever lay flat shorten those up to show just past the edges of your bow.
And when you gather your ribbon in the middle...DON'T RUSH..that was always my problem squishes everything together and its hard to spread apart your loops afterwards especially with just a plain style bow like that . You may want to try a boutique style for more loop in your bow.
And maybe you may want to cut your korkers just a tiny bit shorter so they bounce and not hang. But I'm just giving constructive criticism...I think your bows are adorable...great combos.
I agree with all the above, you definitely have an eye for color. The only other thing I would suggest is find a consistant way to photograph your bows, I know that's not about bow making but it's all about presentation. Pics are dark and as a consumer seeing hands in photos is a no no to me. Try taking pics outside in the sun against your pretty fabric you have in the other pics.
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