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Default Re: I think I'm the only one that will say...

Originally Posted by MommyRYLI View Post
I agree, if you are already an expert bow maker then I think these instructions aren't for you, I think that once you know how to make bows there shouldn't be a need to buy any set of instructions. I found them quite helpful though, since I didn't know how to make most of the bows. It's a great set of instructions for the beginner bow maker, I would definitely recommend to someone that's looking for a good set. They are easy to follow and well organized. I do agree with you on one thing, there should be a set of instructions without using the bow maker, I really don't like that thing it gets in my way .
I bought TOTTS on and it was instructions totally without the bow maker. I do admit, Michelle's instructions are MUCH easier to follow as well as the "cheating butterfly fold" thread that was posted earlier this week.
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