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Default Re: Jean tutu ~ thoughts?

I think it is adorable and agree that the tulle might look better shorter. I just made one for the first time and used shorts that seemed maybe to have a shorter zipper. That one turne out pretty good but I wasn't sure if the tulle should be shorter. My coworkers agreed that maybe longer in the denim would give more coverage for school.

I also found a little denim skirt with embroidery that I attached the tulle to but did it a bit shorter since the skirt was a little longer than the shorts. I don't have a picture right now, but when I get it I will post it. now I have a question. I took them to the store that sells my tutus and headbands/bows and they were kind of like " is Target denim not name brand." Okay having two boys who are not into name brand in the least bit, is that a really big deal for a TUTU? It isn't like it is a pair of jeans or skirt? Oh well...I have actually a coworker who wants to buy both of them. What should I charge? More than a tutu or less than a tutu? Honestly it was a bit easier than making a whole tutu from start to finish!


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