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Default Re: Jean tutu ~ thoughts?

I took the "l" off the end of her link and got it to it's this:

I agree that I think that the denim part should be shorter. What if you didn't worry about the zipper? What if you cut that out and sewed the two pieces of jean material together...still utilize the button though.

Or if it's too difficult to get rid of the zipper, what if you chopped the skirt a bit below the belt loops (to keep the top pocket seam), then sewed over top of where the zipper lies. The tulle would cover the remaining zipper as well as the exposed pockets. (I really don't know...I don't sew much...just thinking aloud ) (this pic on her site is kinda distorted, but it gives a good idea of denim length).

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I can not get the link to work!
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