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I know you're asking about bows but my mom gave me a great idea around St. Patrick's Day. I was making the big, layered bows with the loops around them for all of the little girls in my family and my mom really liked them but thought the bows were too "babyish" for an adult. She needed something green to wear and suggested I make something for adults. So I took the big layered bows I was making, scaled them down, and instead of placing them on a clip, I attached them to a pin to pin to your shirt. My mom bought 5 of them, one for herself and the rest for her co-workers...they were a huge hit. For Mother's Day, I'm going to do something similar for women...maybe I could figure out how to make the ribbon roses But anyway, that's my plan... take the bows and turn them into pins so that way I can target a larger customer base.
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