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Talking Re: Twisted Boutique Bows

Originally Posted by Nature View Post
The figure out method is by far the easiest for me. I tried pinning and sewing but I just couldn't get the right look. (and I kept poking myself in the finger. lol) A Jumbo salon clip from Sallys beauty supply and tying it work great! (you can even give it a stitch or two after to secure it more if you want)

The only thing aside from practicing on the same piece of ribbon and undoing it a million times... is that you want your figure 8 to look like a LONG figure 8, stretched out figure 8.. not a rounded one. Does that make sense? And you want your ribbons to form an X on one side, and to have two lines parallel to each other on the other, before you tie it or stitch it. When I first started doing them I tried to overlap them too much and one set of loops was always bigger than the other. Figured out I wasn't lining the ribbon up right. It really does matter. A lot! Even if it slips just a bit it can mess up the whole finished bow.

Keep practicing! You'll get it!
OMG!!! I see that this and old post but I just had to say thanks for this explanation of the figure eight! I have been making bows for about 6 mos now and still was unhappy with my bows, I mean they just weren't up to my standards Anyway I was searching for jumbo bows cause I have a client that wants a 2 1/4" ribbon bow and it just wasn't coming out right. By making a long figure eight instead a round one, it is now PERFECT!!!!! thanks!!!!!
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