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Default Re: PayPal help?!

Log into your paypal account.

Click "Request Money" from the blue tabs at the top (centerish).

On the new screen, right under the blue tabs click "Create an Invoice"

It will default to "Create a New Invoice"

Click Continue

Fill out the form that appears. You will need her paypal email address.

List each bow/item sold and the amount. **Keep in mind that Paypal will charge you 2.9% of whatever money she gives you AND a 30 cent transaction fee. Make sure you account for this when you price things**

Enter invoice type "Goods"

Also enter the shipping amount that you guys have agreed upon.

You can optionally send an email subject or special notes.

Click "Continue"

Paypal will then let you preview the invoice. Click "Send Invoice" or "Cancel".

Hope this helps!

Originally Posted by Robin7786 View Post
i have no idea lol ive only sold to people in my town before and they just pick up their stuff but someone from out of town really wants to order a few things and she wants to do it via paypal. so i can take her order and then how do i invoice her?

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